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Parents are People too provides a safe, non-judgmental space for parents of teens and young adults to share, to connect, to learn and to find the support that is hard to find anywhere else.

Our skills workshops, small group courses and one- to-ones  are designed to help you find new ways to address:

  • improving poor communication within the family
  • feeling taken for granted and burnt out
  • having to care of hormonal kids and/or ageing parents at the same time
  • feeling guilty
  • uncertainty about your direction as your family life is clearly changing

With us, you’ll get the individual attention you need to make progress from home. And the benefits will create an almighty ripple effect for you and everyone around you!

Skills Workshops

Small Group Courses

One-to-one Coaching


Upcoming events

Parenting Playbook Course

[dnxte_blurb blurb_heading="Parenting Playbook Course" blurb_description="Is this you? Would having a personal parenting 'manual' give you the guidance that you've been missing? Are you struggling to communicate or to stick to your parenting boundaries? Have you lost...

Stress-less Parenting Workshop

Stress-less Parenting Workshop

[dnxte_blurb blurb_heading="Stress-less Parenting" blurb_description="Is this you? Do you feel like you are always battling through everyday grind? Have you lost sight of what is important to you as a parent? Do you sacrifice your own wishes for the sake of your...

The Gentle Art of Being Heard Workshop

The Gentle Art of Being Heard Workshop

[dnxte_blurb blurb_heading="The Gentle Art of Being Heard" blurb_description="Is this you? Do you feel invisible or ignored at home? Do you feel that you have lost your ‘voice’? If you answered these questions with a resounding ‘yes’, this workshop is for you....