Each week we will be talking about real life issues we, and other parents of teenagers and young adults are facing.  In our honest and lively discussions we discuss how to work out the best solution for ourselves and our families.

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Welcome to Parents are People too – the podcast!

Who we are, what we do and how we do it.


Season 2 starts with What am I teaching my kids ?

What to we accidentally teach our children and what do they teach us?


How can self awareness help with my parenting?

How being honest about our actions is a huge part of how we can be better parents


What to do if you have tried everything!

When you are stuck, overwhelmed and exhausted and frustrated with a family issue, what you can do to help yourself.


Children moving up, on or out – The Empty Nest Part 1 

What to do when you feel you are no longer needed


Children moving up, on or out – The Empty Nest Part 2 

What to do when you feel you are no longer needed


Unsolicited advice about your family

Why people do it and what you can do about it


Family communication

How to stop shouting and start being heard


Family tables, energy vampires and boundaries 

Family celebration stress and why it happens


Asking for help

Why is it so hard to ask for or receive help?


The only constant is change

How true is that for you?


Finding purpose

How to feel happy and fulfilled during family change

Lightening the load

New year new you – how to reflect on the past year and leave your excess baggage behind for a lighter, more energetic family life

Departures – how to deal with family change

When someone leaves the family, it can be an emotional time.  Here’s what to do.

Navigating big family change

How to work out what you personally need to successfully manage those big family shifts

Are you on the same page as your partner when it comes to parenting?

The issues that cause disagreements and how you can move forwards as a team

Feeling taken for granted by your family?

How to start feeling appreciated again

What do you do?

How to value your own work as a stay at home parent or working parent.

Being a role model for your children

Are you a ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ parent or do you walk your talk?

Living with your adult children

How to find balance between independence and support

No one listens to me!

How to start to feel heard again

Conversations with your kids

How to start turning battles into talking again

Parenting expectations vs reality

What sort of expectations do we set ourselves and how do we cope when reality proves to be different!

Spring Cleaning!

What or who do you want to keep in your life as you move into a new phase of parenting?

Am I being Selfish?

How to put yourself first and feel good about it

It’s exam time – Help!

How to deal with exam stress as a parent

Ditch the disappointment in your family life

Tools and techniques to help you stop feeling disappointed with yourself and your kids

End of school?  Time to begin something new.

If the end of the school is making you sweat, tune in to find out how to move into summer with a positive mindset